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Crimson Flame's Smoke


        Smoke PAOBA 2013 


  Smoke Smoke v1

Smoke was born on June 2, 2009 to Marlarque's Crimson Flame sired by "FD Shazaam!" shown in the bottom two pictures.  Smoke's facial markings are unique and colorful.  He carries a nice dense fleece.  He inherited his mom's attitude as your business is his business.

His fleece and conformation won him Reserve Grand Champion at SAFONA 2010.  He also has the following awards:

  •  1st place spinoff at MAPACA 2016
  •  1st place multi halter class at PAOBA 2015
  •  1st place multi halter class at PAOBA 2013
  •  1st place multi halter class at SAFONA 2011
  •  1st place multi halter class at SEPA 2010
  •  2nd place fleece class at PAOBA 2014
  •  2nd place multi halter class at PAOBA 2011

As a tribute to his "nothing phases me" attitude, he has the following awards:

  •  1st gambler's choice at SAFONA 2011
  •  1st open obstacle at SEPA 2010
  •  1st PR at SEPA 2010
  •  2nd open obstacle at PAOBA 2013
  •  2nd open obstacle at PAOBA 2011